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my favorite, originally uploaded by katiek2.

Sometime around 9:30 last night after my manager/husband finished his tangent about which web-galleries and forums I need to be a part of, how I need to switch to Blogger, how I need to snazz up my myspace page, etc, I had the swoon of fog drift by an through my whole body. At first I thought it would pass. I have been self-medicating with things like Weight Watchers huge fudge bars and dark chocolate M&M’s. I sat down and began to put a healthy green leafy background on the Eden painting and I let out that deeply exhausted grooaaannn. Joel stopped what he was doing and said “What’s the matter? Are you tired?” Yeah, that and just the anxiety and stress of the unknown was taking over my system. Not wearing my tennies all day yesterday my legs were aching and my toe was a little numb. My weird feet. My limbs decided all at once to just stop. I laid down and Joel turned on the last desired episodes of Prison Break and I crashed completely. I think I saw 4 minutes exactly. I woke myself at midnight just to drag my bones around the house and collect the last of the clutter (that wasn’t Joel’s) and drug myself up to bed. Now I was worried that I was falling apart and was coming down with something, then this morning I got my “monthly visitor”. Whew. I’m not crazy just hormonal.


8 thoughts on “Biology

  1. Feel better soon.
    Are you a member of EBSQ? You might want to check that out. There seem to be a lot of pretty good artists at the juried level.
    Hang in there. Prayers on the way.

  2. kate

    went to santa barbara yesterday….was thinking of you guys like crazy…found a little shop that sells locals work (you name the price you want, she adds in what she needs to pay rent, you both win) very cool little place..perfect for your little pods! little bit more confirmation for us from a church planting conference we went to….very excited to take a leap of courage! we should chat soon! Kate

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