New Chapters

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This weekend has a little bittersweet as I went to Legacy Festival and saw the tents that weren’t mine. I must say that no matter how little traffic or few artists are there I will always want to get down and dirty in the art fest scene. It really is a fun experience and a rush to talk about your art and see people who would normally never step into an art gallery check out your work and want to ask you questions. You’re approachable because your wearing your hoodie and jeans and your drinking the same coffee and standing on the same parking lot grounds talking about art with Joe on the street. I just participated in the Patron Show this year which had excellent art in my opinion. Most of it was better than the festival work itself. But the Fest and the Art show had different money awards. If I had been aware of that I might have tried to be in the fest anyway. I was very confused this year, misreading things, not asking my questions on time. Whatever. We all want to have the most perfect experience ever especially when a babysitter is employed. I missed out on the ‘opening’ for the Patron Show because it was called “the Patron Party” and said tickets were $80 for a couple. I just am not familiar enough with art openings to realize that some art openings cost $80! Again, whatever. They had a new director this year so info was fuzzy.
We spent a good part of yesterday there and we ran into my friend from school, Brea, her son Logan (who had fun with Joel, Jos and Eden at the fire engine), her boyfriend Sean who built Brea’s frames for inside the tent. She has been working a really nice dark city scene thing. Comfortably messy and streaky. It satisfies your desire to see thick paint globbiness. We hung out with her quite a bit at the after fest party last night and talked about art and potty-training (the story of my life). She showered me with compliments and stroked my ego sufficiently saying I was awesome. Yeah. I am very glad to see her working so much. She’s an art ed major and has really found her groove.
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Best of Show went to Georgia Rowswell for her amazing paper piece Bamboo Curtain. She’s got a whole Kelloggian theme but acheives it with paper. So pretty! Her framed pieces look like oil paintings. She had some pieces in her tent that I went to look closely at because of the Eden portrait I just finished. It looked like leaf stenciling. Of course I have no picture. Of course. But when I got up to it I noticed it was paper. Wicked man. Georgia had been there the past few years I just never had time to check out her stuff very well.
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Just wanted to share these. For the bizarre factor only. This dude brought these two pieces in in pieces! He had them both stuffed in his Honda Accord! He assembled them on site. Man, I’m glad that’s not me, I got the Prev!
The Words I’m Eating:
For all those folks throughout my life that asked me/told me I should teach art I’m thinking of taking the plunge. I probably wont go to school for this right now, but I will start reading and researching how to teach older children and teens. My friend Jenny English asked me if I could teach her oldest daughter Cara a little to prepare her for portfolio stuff, possibly art school. The Englishes have home schooled all 6 of their children and Joel and I have seen them grow since Cara was around 10 years old. I’ve found very little on high school portfolio’s but I have found some good books just to wet my whistle a bit. Just cuz you can do it doesn’t mean that you can teach it. I want to be able to though. Teaching independant courses sounds really nice. Especially when we will be in the ever so connected Chatt-town for a 5 year period. It’s important for me to know kids have a well rounded art education. If I can help the home school circut that’d be awesome.