A Machine

oct 06 272.jpg
Yes, I am a Fine Art Machine!! Here’s my messy painting “Good Morning”. It’s been something I’ve been picking up and putting back down forever. Had to finish it for the Shorter show. The bunnies in my backyard make me happy and when we leave I will miss them. The fence in this painting looks better than the one in my backyard. We have not utilized our large yard for very much but it has snuck it’s way into a few of my paintings. I feel like this piece is more of a study, playing with different materials. There’s puff-paint, modge-podged string, and with the inspiration of seeing Cat’s trilogy in person—paint pen. Right now I spread I nice coat of heavy gel medium over the bunny to make him stick out a little bit.
oct 06 276.jpg
This piece makes me happy. Now to my hot chocolate…


5 thoughts on “A Machine

  1. You are a freakin’ MACHINE! Are you sleeping? I’m praying for your house and all.
    I like the fuzzy blue background and how that makes the light pods pop.

  2. I really like this one. The colors (it’s not just the lighting, is it?) are a bit more muted than your other stuff, it seems, and the contrast between the very lifelike bunny and the crazy-acid-trip glowing pods is great. In my humble non-artist opinion.

  3. i absolutely love this painting of my cousin! ha ha ha. you’ve done phenom work and thanks for the shrug to ole’ cat, she really appreciates it. plus she’s thinking and praying for you all the time too.

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