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I”m not sure what our new home will look like in Chattanooga, it has yet to be built. But I’m trying to remain satisfied with where we are and enjoy my home now. It’s hard to enjoy it sometimes when you have to clean it all the time, fix problems with it, kill the bugs that infest it, and be just generally confined to it when your kids are sleeping. But mornings that are gusty and grey are brightened by all the trees and critters that I spy off my deck. Going outside and having a coffee (too strong today) and contemplating the composition of my next painting is not difficult when my senses are full. Joel went an saw Joshi play with Infradig last night. I caught up with Lost’s second season and researched photos for my next piece. Have I said how much I love flickr? It’s an inexhaustable resource for me. My Metro’s , Celebrate Beauty, even my cows were inspired by images on flickr. Maybe you think less of me now that I’ve admitted a big secret? Whatever, like I’m going to become a photographer exordinare so I have my own huge supply. I ask permission and all, have made some friends that way. It’s the negative space that photos do not show me that takes all my creative energy (like the greenery that surrounds Eden).
One of Joel’s coworkers is way into horses and I have wanted to paint horses, but not today. That’ll wait. Since this coworker now wants a mural on her daughters wall and even though I could get a large sum for doing that, I just don’t have the time (or emotional energy) to go to her house and do a mural for her over-sastisfied 8 year old. And after seeing Carolyn’s horses at the Chattanooga Gallery Hop I feel the world already has some excellent cow and horse paintings to love.
I am still totally commited to do a piece on adoption. I promise I am not trying to milk all my friends and relatives of their precious savings because I’ve painted their children, but that’s who I end up painting. Their are some beautiful stories of parenthood out there. Some that are new, some well established and some yet to be. I am in love with the concept of adoption. Not just physically but spiritually and how we are all adopted by the One Perfect Father. I’m trying to hash out how I will incorporate the text of both my dad’s song about adoption and the Biblical text about adoption. I want to get a thicker layered effect on this painting. As much as I love how Eden and Juden turned out, acrylics just don’t have the smooth texture of oils. I guess I’d be the only one to really know since I run my hands over the surface and most folks aren’t so inclined to do that. So I’m wanting to have more gel medium and collage elements to this one. Good Morning has so many layers on it that it’s nice and glossy and thick.
The huge tree in my backyard, the yard that’s peppered with yellow leaves, the birds and squirrels flitting around: these things just have to make it in. My dogwood too, it’s a glorious mixture of green and re right now. Mmmm, so pretty.
I’ve been wanting to share some art of some classmates of mine from KSU. These kids are talented and have a uniqueness you don’t always find in students. Michelle Scott had her work at Fat Louie’s right now in a show called “All About face” her work is small to average easel size and super affordable! I love how she’s painted faces, they are so stimulating and colorful.
Michelle face.JPG
Baxter Crane loves animals and she depicts them quite often. She has a great sense of humor and her imagination hasn’t diminished from that childlike state of combining the magical, the everyday, and creation.
“oh dear lord, it’s destroyed everything! everyone is dead!”
I’m hoping to do a trade with Michelle sometime. But I’m kinda at a stand still until the Shorter show is over. Crap, I hafta write a little talk thing. What should it be about, hmmmm.


2 thoughts on “Beautiful Inspiration

  1. Sara and Sam

    Oooo, we would love to see a piece about adoption! Did we mention that we love your Juden piece and the NCF commission?
    Just wanted you to know…
    Sara and Sam Ward

  2. Sara and Sam

    Oooo, we would love to see a piece about adoption! Did we mention that we love your Juden piece and the NCF commission?
    Just wanted you to know…
    Sara and Sam Ward

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