Tricks and Treats

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Here’s our library crew! All decked out in their Halloween goodness! From left to right: Josiah (the Superhero of Rock), Sierra (woodnymph), Eden (Fairy, princess, ballerina-terrifica), Carlie (Pochahontas), Evelyn (Uhhhh I think she’s a pumpkin, maybe). So glad that storytime day was also Halloween!
I have been wanting to post our joyful Halloween pictures all day but I have to clean my house. Because the first people ever to come see the house are coming tommorow between 1 and 4! This may be the beginning of a trail of viewers, or the beginning of a contract deal! Who knows. I am trying to be realistic but also I am trying to remember that God WILL sell our house and we have no idea how or when. God does want us to be in Chattanooga, but as I’ve always said, until then I will enjoy Atlanta.
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We made the trek to Decatur to check out the smokin’ hot spots that Ward talks about so much. We met up with the whole Jenkins fam and cruised the Halloween strip full of ghouls and goblins. A little over the top for my taste. I think the creepy ghostly death thing isn’t fun to celebrate with. The dressing up, pretending, carving pumpkins and eating yummy things that is worth celebrating. We had tons of fun with the Jenkins, although it was brief. Checking out the dry ice and the skeletons that move when ya clap, that’s pretty fun. Josiah had a blast but couldn’t get it through to him that you don’t really open the candy until you’re done and then you examine the Booty!
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Tommorrow will be complicated. I thought I would just take the kids to the playground or something and then Rosanne (our super-sitter) will come at 3:30 while Joel and I drive to Rome for the opening at Shorter. Now I have to have the house clean and empty from 1 to 4 pm. Maybe we can make it to the High, have our lunch and see the Louvre exhibit. Hopefully they will be happy kids to whole time. We’ll make it back up to meet Rosanne at 3:30 leaving just a half hour to wonder if folks will come. Then, on then road to Rome. I still have yet to write notes for a mini-speech. But even if I fumble through, I have a feeling the message will get through.
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