To Save the Day

Here the Super Hero in action. Promise Eden was not hurt, but funny how the Mom trigger finger pops into action when a large (although fluffy) object is flailed towards the head of a a little one.
We have a little breather. Sorta. The folks that want to see our house are not coming until tommorrow. But it doesn’t mean I won’t leave the house looking good. Around 4 last night Josiah came knocking and said those words you just LOVE to hear in the middle of the night, “Mama, I barfed”. Now I know my son pretty well. He has a very good gag reflex and I’d been hearing him cough for about a half hour before he finally revealed the conclusion to this coughing. He emptied his stomach alright. But I asked him, “Did you tummy hurt? Or did you cough and then barfed” He said he coughed. I believe him actually. When the boy very upset will not chew and swallow all his food he will gag and spew everything he just got down. Ugh. None of us have been feeling really hot. Joel of course is the most resilient. Eden has had no appetite. I have been feeling pretty twisted inside, I’m hoping its just PMS. I know you guys are glad I’m sharing all this. I’m trying to figure out if we should have a sitter today or if I should go to Rome by myself. I’ll see how this morning goes.
It’s amazing what a good cry will do. After my Dad sent me a new Sara Groves CD I’ve been like on the brink of tears every moment. And as I crawl into bed and pray with Joel about all the things that are upon us (good and bad) I cry. Because I need to. Because sometimes a good cry to God keeps you from yelling at your husband and your children. It keeps road rage down. It helps balance the pressure in your head. I’m Pro-Weep. I think everybody needs a good cry, and whether its good or bad things you’re crying about it is an action that God created and it has healthy benefits. So listen to your favorite music, watch your favorite tear-jerker, snuggle with your loved ones and have a happy cry.


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  1. linda g

    Which cd did your dad get you? I went to a Sara Groves concert last week with my mom and she bought me Station Wagon, songs for parents. I have been so enjoying it, it has some great lullabies. Hope you guys start feeling better, and amen to a good cry, so much better than bottling it up!

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