Our House

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This is the lot we want to buy in the Jefferson Heights neighborhood in Chattanooga. There will one day be a 3 bed/2.5 bath house on this spot and we will live in it. Across the street is a well loved playground. Nothing to write home about, but it’s safe and fuctional. There is a large field and a pavillion with 3 picnic tables. While we were there we met a neighbor of ours. He and his wife live down on 16th street and have been here for 2 years. He was walking a beautiful dog named Charlie.
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It was a really good sign to see someone walking around and it was someone who also saw the potential in the neighborhood. He filled us in on more info about the neighborhood.
nov06 031.jpg
The two 2bed/bath homes next door to our lot
We walked from our ‘house’ to the Choo-Choo and talked about all the development that will happen there. There will be new sidewalks and sculptures up and down Main Street. The Union Mission and Flat Iron Building are being renovated and ownership is changing. Niedlov’s and Mojo Burrito will have places on or close to Main. It took us 20 minutes to walk to the Choo-Choo and it would be cool to take the Shuttle other places with the kids. We peeked inside Battle Elementary and told Josiah that it will be his school. And it would be so easy to walk to Cat’s place from our little home.
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Nice little jaunt this afternoon, we will hope that this house gets built sooner than expected. God can do anything. And we’ll expect no less! Ok, now we’re off to North River Vineyard!


4 thoughts on “Our House

  1. nice! aidan, our oldest, is in kindergarten at battle academy. ..we spend a lot of time driving through that area, and i have to admit that i am at times wishing i could live in one of those new houses. i hope that all goes well with building your home in chattanooga and selling the one in atlanta…

  2. SO NEATO to see where my friends will be!!! How exciting to hear about all the new developments in chatty vegas! Can’t wait till it’s all said and done and you guys are here. I’m prayin that your housey sells Quickedy quick like! love ya snuck-eums!

  3. This is just so exciting!! Blessings to you on this awesome endeavor!!!
    Re your Nov bios: Yay for Eden signing! (special place in my heart for the hands, baby)

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