A Taste of a New City

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After a buncha planning and conversations. After balancing on the line between visiting and living with my folks. After the goods and maybes out weigh the bads. We’re back in Marietta for the last couple weeks of suburban living. Our plan, for this weekend, is that we’ll be up in Chattanooga for Thanksgiving and we’ll stay. Joel is still waiting on Blue Cross-Blue Shield to tell him for sure that he’s hired. We met with Live Urban real estate agent Caroline to sign papers and start the process of purchasing our new home. I hope by March we’ll be in. I picked out the exterior colors and I get first dibs. We’re the first signers on the block therefore everyone else’s colors will fall into line with MY choice. Moo-hahaha the Power!! Sage with off white trim and a black paned door.
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We used my birthday present of a CDM membership and had a ball with the kids. The giant guitar was a hot spot. Definately could burn some hours there. My favorite part was the mini-theatre complete with moving backdrop and stage lighting. Speaking of stage, we saw The Potting Shed at Covenant to see Joel’s sis Amy act a little bit, but mostly to check out her wicked make-up!! Nice play, very thought provoking. And the cast was excellent. Good job dudes.
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Went to NCF for the small art show they had there and got to take some shots of some art that New City has in there possesion. Doreen Kellogg banners and two posters designed by Cat that I never really saw finished. But probably what was best was seeing Garrett Nabors who I haven’t seen in years. He looks very happy and should be, a good woman finally found him.
One thing I don’t think I will ever get used to is running into so many people I know. I am shy about it. I want to run in the other direction. I saw my former boss’ daughter at church. I would have gone to see how she was but she left early, she looked happy and was pregnant. We were having lunch with Bucky from NRV and I swear, I swear I saw Chad Hardeman. I felt 15 again. Seeing this class of ’93er who looked exactly…the… same…paralyzed me and I jetted across the opposite side of the street unwilling to face the fact that this is my future in Chattanooga. It’s wierd and I need to embrace it but today I tried to not notice. Yeah I’m a chicken but I’m happy, a little anxious, and pooped!!


4 thoughts on “A Taste of a New City

  1. Gotta say: I think in some ways moving across the country was easier than moving into tiny, TI-neee Chattanooga would’ve been.
    Let us know if we can help. Ya know – move anything, watch the kids. . .

  2. my excitement is mosdef growing by the day! everytime i pass jefferson st. i pray for you and k.fam, afterall i’m by there at least twice a day. i can help too, but you know that already…ask and you shall receive! love ya.

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