SPT Glam #2

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Remember those Oil of Olay commercials back in the day that would show some totally non-wrinkly woman applying this anti-aging creme in the most sophisticated of ways and the creme was applied in a totally opaque swab-blob and in a graceful movement it was transparent against her olivey skin? no? I do. It made me want to wear make-up that very instant!!
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The one luxurious thing I have for myself every day are the beautiful products I now have to put on my body! This birthday, my 30th, I was showered with Burts Bees. I now have the Wild Lettuce Toner, Milk and Honey body Lotion, Shea Butter Hand Creme, Carrot Complexion Soap and all the tid bits from a head to toe package. But the best I think is the Radiance Creme with Royal Jelly. Man, that stuff is like putting whipped marshmallow fluff on your face and it truly makes it glow right after!!
So this is me being glamourus applying my Radiance Creme and looking radiant. And don’t all those commercials have the woman with with her perfect hair or wrapped up tightly and perfectly in a towel? Well, I set it up and snapped a few then I set it free!
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  1. yeah you are seriously beautiful kate! and um that radiance cream is the BOMB! i use it everyday, sometimes twice depending on how dried out my skin feels! all natural revolution!

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