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These past few days have been long and hard as Joel is interviewing someone for his position. Joel has been hired by BC/BS of TN and will start his training the Monday after Thanksgiving. We’re going to drag ourselves up to Chattanooga and live with Mom and Dad Ward until our house is finished being built. So I’ve been going through another ‘deer in headlights’ moment where I kinda do little things to get kinda ready but avoid doing the really big packing. But I gotta say, we dont have to do a lot at once, and this might be a blessing in disguise. See, NO ONE has come to see our house and our real estate agent is sending us the Market is Horrible and You are Doomed letters that make you want to sell your house for a hundred bucks. But it is better in our minds to leave our house on the market at the same price (154,9) while we live with Mom and Dad and then think about dropping the price closer to the peak season of Spring. Mom and Dad already have 2 generations worth of stuff in their 1906 former travel lodge house, they dont need 3. We will leave our furniture in Marietta for brief weekend stays to shop at all the stores Chattanooga doesn’t have, rake leaves, sweep up dead bugs, and Joel will train his replacement.
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My days have felt kinda long, and my kids show their desire to have Papa-time. My daughter, the sweet red-headed peanut girl who is so coy and shy and precious has been testing me every evening this week. Eden has been showing me that she wants what she wants with a long clinging screech and goes on a hunger strike in further protest. Oh, my girl. She was tossing one crayon at a time on the floor until the whole box was empty. Oh, my girl. She wanted playdough, I gave it to her, she ate it. Playdough gets put away and screeching ensues. I give her a second chance, playdough goes in mouth, playdough gets put away. More screeching. But when I get her into the bath tub and she repeatedly takes a cup and fills my belly button up with bubbles that’s when all is forgiven and my sweet pea returns to me.
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I go to Shorter College tommorow to pick up my artwork and then transport a few of them to Dalton for their Small Works Show. I hope I can rid my collection of all PODS! Also I have put Good Morning in my Etsy shop if anyone is interested. It’ll be nice after 3 days of long days with the kids to leave them with their Papa and come home to a happy reunion with my little reds. And a nice evening with our #1 all-star babysitter and buddy Roseanne.
*Birthday Bounce House from party today


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  1. I’m still lurking about reading your posts and following your family. I will keep you all in my prayers as you pack and prepare for the next stage in your lives. You know God has a plan. Wish I had an extra $375 to purchase Good Morning. I really love that painting.

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