What! You missed my Show?

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This rulz don’t it. Ahhh Someday!, originally uploaded by katiek2.

This is an awesome shot isn’t it? You guys missed the memo about my show at the High Museum? Well, someday. Not this painting though. This painting, ‘Darren’s V-neck’ was destroyed in a house fire. But I have have a nice slide of it and cards and I’m over it. Glad that my friends are alive to tell about it all. That was years back. That painting wasn’t nearly this big either. So here’s to tales of the future and what/ where my artwork will be. I’m trying to pysche myself to put more paint down. I started my first adoption piece and another little bunny painting. Man, I’m so pumped about rabbits!! Maybe it’ll be my new affordable art series.
I made the long haul yesterday to Rome, picked up my work. My pods (all seven of them) Good Morning and Reception 3 went to Dalton Creative Arts Guild’s Small Works Show which starts Dec 1st. I hope all pods sell! The rest of my work came back to Marietta with me, Juden will come up with me to Chattanooga to hang on its desired wall.
So after 3 days of long mommy shifts I gave Joel all day Daddy duty. Felt nice to have so much time by myself. When I’m alone that long, driving in a car in the middle of Bumble GA my fears start to come back. Stress does that to me. I have to keep my mind focused on my goal and on the Kingdom. Cuz even my physical body is not top priority. I am reminded how blessed I am when I look at my kids and how healthy they are and I hear Roseanne tell her stories of tumor removal and nerve damage and broken bones and I realize that God has been very very good to me. At 1:30am I was in bed reading Hebrews 11-13. I love reading about all those guys. It’s like a summary of all the nutty things God has asked people to do. My favorite verse is about Abraham. I’ve been identifying with Abraham for years now.
My favorite verse is Hebrews 11:10: For he was looking forward to the city whose builder and architecht was God
Makes me think about where we will live and how God will provide what we need exactly when we need it.


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