Maybe this was made for me

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The other night while I spent some QT with Cat, Joel took the kids up the mountain to look at Christmas lights. At Point Park they were tromping around when Joel noticed Eden was lagging behind and staring up at the sky. He asked her what she saw and noticed she was staring at tne very bright moon. The other day at the library, Eden found a book with a large moon on the front and called it a ball. Seems my girl is loving being moonstruck. It’s wonderful to re-experience things though the eyes of your children.
I’ve been trying to make up Christmas lists and they are very short actually. The more kid-stuff you accumulate the less you want to ask for. But I’m slowly coming up with ideas. Eden loves balloons and Joel and I are seriously thinking that we should just get her a big bunch of helium balloons for Christmas, I mean it is Jesus birthday after all! We’ve never been a family that sings happy birthday to Jesus, but this might be a reason to do so.
I went to get oriented at my temp job at Lee University yesterday. I was stressing myself out so much thinking of going from not working at all to working possibly three days in a row at Lee. Getting the kids out the door by 8:20am max. Basically I’ve been stressing myself out a lot and I kinda don’t know why. Well, being a creative mom and not doing a single project for Christmas sure makes me feel a little lazy and crazy. A haven’t painted much and I want so badly to not lose more time. The changes of living arrangements are taking there toll on Josiah I can tell. He’s being crankier and being very disobediant. But I have been very impatient too. So impatient.
Today is the first day of December and I am feeling like I need a jumpstart to creativity. It’s like a part of me is on pause. It’s hard for me to read all these blogger’s fun projects without an inner groan. So here’s a list of things I’d love to get started ASAP: Jesse tree with the kids, keepsake ornaments for the kids, finish Christmas stockings, Christmas photos/card. This is minimum and on top of getting some serious paint onto my first adoption painting.
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Eden loves her some Tumble-Weeds!
A couple things about living in Chattanooga that I’ve noticed big-time. First of all TN has the worst roads ever!! It’s bumpy and lumpy, if TN has a lottery now and has such high sales tax where is the money for good roads? The popular car is the Suburu Outback and popular shoes are Chacos, don’t see that so much in the ATL. I went into Art Creations on Frazier today and I usually enjoy that store, their prices are good and I can get everything I need without catalogue ordering. But they have no handicap access so I had to leave the Sit-n-Stand on the front stoop. I was there shopping with 2 kids roaming free grabbing brushes and whacking random bottles of paint and no one came to check me out. I saw about 4 or 5 customers looking at the cheesy gifts in the back but no one was at there to take care of art supplies. I coulda walked out with my Cadmium Yellow Light but I didn’t. Instead I walked back to the gift area after almost 10 minutes and said, “Does anyone work here?” That is the voice of a mother concerned that her children will break something, open tubes of paint and spray it across the room. A mother who was keeping a close eye on my stroller outside hoping it was still there. Please! Before the chaos gets worse: Ring up my stuff!! I sufficiently annoyed the manager I hope she realizes that she needs to cater to every kind of customer.


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  1. awh the holiday crunch, stress, and hidden joys! what are we to do? singing happy birthday to jesus may actually be the key…and art creations? well even though hobby lobby is a little further away, it’s bigger, it’s stroller accessible, it has everything including good ole canvas and paint sales! the good ole xtian music playing overhead…i stopped going to AC because of the lack of good customer service, i had the same problem, whose going to check me out? wouldn’t these expensive brushes be nice to get for free? and i don’t like the gift shop/gallery/art store mix! who gives? so i’m an art snob. best of good fortune next time. and anytime you wanna go to hobby lobby just shout, it closes at 8pm every nite. sorry so long.

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