up goes the frame!!

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up goes the frame!!, originally uploaded by katiek2.

We went to Las Margaritas with Amy and Josh and went by the house site. We’ve been making this a habit on Sunday’s. to our great great surprise the frame is up!! Yeah!! Of course we have no idea how fast or slow the other parts of the building will go but we definately have to pick out stuff to be ready. Trip to Home Depot is definately necessary!


4 thoughts on “up goes the frame!!

  1. when my family lived in Arizona we (my parents really) had a house built and I have several memories of visiting our “new house” after church on Sundays. Very fun!

  2. wow! we actually looked through a house around mlk with the same floor plan. i am sure that the thought of finalizing details of the house might be overwhelming, but how cool will it be to live in a home customized by your family. i hope that all goes well with selling your altanta home and moving into the new one.
    oh, and i cannot remember if i ever answered your question of where my oldest attends kindergarten…he is at battle academy, and one of his younger brothers will be joining him next year!

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