Why the web is great

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Thanks to J-nette I found another tasty gadget. Everyone try it!!
Call 1 641 955 7500 then punch in this code *2592542
I’ll give you a topic to discuss amoungst yourselves: Creative Arts Guild of Dalton has my piece Good Morning on their site for the Holiday Show! Yeah! Any press I get is awesome. I’m going to print the page right now!

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One thought on “Why the web is great

  1. Way to go on the Dalton show, Kate!!!!
    Your Good morning piece looks great on their website… so celebratory like!
    on another note… the to get a job or not issue is a continual question in our house too… a continual struggle… I wish I had some great insight to offer, but I just wanted to let you know that you aren’t the only one weighing the options. ugh. smile – My only comfort is knowing that God WILL provide for us.

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