What’s Normal?

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Now that the holidays are over, the Christmas tree is down, the presents are contained and have been broken in, visiting is over and living begins. I am still wondering where Normal will be. It takes awhile I think for me to fall into a pattern here in Chattanooga. Joel and I had ‘the Hard Talk’ the other night about what it’s going to take for me to help our family chip away at house debt. Waiting tables has come up over and over and I can’t say I love that idea. I asked Joel what would make him happy. What would he be proud of me doing? And being the man that I married he said, “Beating the street with your art and getting shows etc, that would make me happy/proud.” Wow, whatta man I have. That doesn’t let me off the hook in any way though. In fact it’s some of the hardest stuff I’ve ever had to do. It’d be way too easy to mindlessly wait tables, not so many hurdles or ‘what ifs’. I have so many ideas in my head but as my mom has said about the rest of my life right now “everything just needs a home” even my ideas need a home. They need a canvas, a frame, a brush, a subject, they need a house. My feelers are out, things take me by surprise and music overwhelms me. I am ripe for the picking. Christmas has been a kind of slow torture as my wells bloat with targets and I try to talk, blab, busy myself out of having to work. So while everyone else is making lists of resolutions to lose weight, eat better exercise; I am going to listen to my new music, print out promo packets, write galleries and other spaces. Gather for the hibernation of work. Joel my husband/manager cracks the whip over my head to produce. I will try to keep you all posted as to my progress hopefully with little talk and lots of pictures.


2 thoughts on “What’s Normal?

  1. I’m so proud of your efforts, Kate!! Good luck on the art scene, my friend… as if you need it!
    God will provide a space for your work to be seen and sold.
    many prayers for you & your fam figuring it all out as you go.

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