Official rejection

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Well, I am a little flattened by the rejection from 4 Bridges Arts Fest. I was really hoping I would have enough. But maybe that crummy booth shot did me in. I can’t say I’m not a little sad today, I wish I could bounce back real quick. This is the 3rd time AVA has rejected me. I know I have to keep working and its hard to get those letters, I just had to try. Woulda been fun, maybe next year.
It does warm my heart though to look out the window and see my boy jumping on the new trampoline the neighbors got for Christmas. And have my girl giggle on my lap as I nibble on her nose. Rewards will come.

Dear Fine Artist/Fine Craftsperson,
The Jury recently convened to review submissions for the upcoming 7th Annual 4 Bridges Arts Festival. On behalf of the 4 Bridges Jurors, I would like to thank you for your submission. However, due to the large number of entries and stringent review standards, we are unable to feature your work in this year’s Festival.
AVA is currently planning future exhibits, including the 4 Bridges Arts Festival 2008. Your submission had many great elements, and we encourage you to continue to submit work to this and other exhibitions and/or AVA events.


3 thoughts on “Official rejection

  1. jen k

    yo, kate… i got one of those reject lettas too… i kinda didn’t know what to expect when i entered, but i guess i just held out a waivering hope i might get in. Perhaps we can get togetha for a non-ava showers beer????

  2. I pray for you to be renewed, encouraged and full of inspiration. You are an amazing artist and all of your work has so many levels of beautiful depth to them. I know good things are coming. I am happy I own one of your paintings that means so much to me. I’m hoping my British friend can direct me to a place here where I can get it restretched so I can finally put it up and make one of my spaces here happy. Happy New Year!

  3. party at my house on saturday!!! pizza & beer. for the k and k families!!! to celebrate the new year, the new aspirations and fresh attempts!!! my deepest regrets for you kate!!! you are an encouragment to so many in so many ways, do not let the hound of ava bite you!!! BITE BACK GIRL!!!

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