Get Real

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I started a new little painting with pods and I’ll put a bunny in it. Maybe it’ll be a stencil like the Bird Pod. I need to tweek the colors up a few notches. Being back in Chattanooga is interesting to read the paper. We hardly ever got the paper in Atlanta, the thing was huge! It’s fascinating to read the arts section, where the article celebrates Gallery 1401’s latest show about absolute realism. It just confirms the fact that there needs to be a new place for visual art that is modern, abstract and edgey. It’s pretty obvious. I don’t need to discuss it anymore. On Friday night, Joel and I met Cat and the Pickle Barrel and had beer and pickles and some Pass the Pigs. We were discussing a house warming/art show when we move into our new home. And whether the Arts Move people, family and friends, musicians and restauranteers would want to get in on the event. To me, it’s not too hard to come up with some continuity as far as artwork. So much of what I have come to admire in my fellow emerging artists would work well together. My work, Cat’s, Jen’s, Kelly’s, Michelle’s, maybe even a male if I find one who’s worthy (heh). I do like the Ninja Life that Cat bought from a UTC friend.
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It seems like a good idea to unite our new neighborhood, and it’s cheaper than renting a space. Although, I do want to do that to a gallery space especially if our house warming goes well. It was also interesting to talk to Will down at Canvas Canoe about 4 Bridges and the Chattanooga Artist Market being in the same location on the same weekend. I do think that the Market starts the week after 4 Bridges. The Market is something I defiantely want to try this spring. But for now, I have to create art, a good but of it.
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Amy Nichols stopped by the other day with a package from her sister Michelle the gypsy in germany. A cute little bag, a mod scarf and tons, tons of Cadberry chocolate! Mmmmm. Thanks Michelle! Your a gem.
A trip to the CDM yesterday was fun with all the NRV and friends. Cat and the Krings came. It was good to see Amy and kids and of course Josiah was totally jazzed to see Bucky. I have way too many shots of the CDM, but here’s a pretty one of my boy.
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