WIP: Boo-Yah!!

jan07 066.jpg
I guess it’s pretty ridiculous to use a title like Boo-Yah!! with a catagory like Fine Art, but that’s how I feel about what I got done yesterday. Ever since we got here I’ve been trudging over to this canvas and sighing at it. I haven’t felt the gumption to do anything with it. But yesterday, even with my son knocking at the door and not resting, I was able to knock out the hardest part of the portrait. I have not painted someone of color before. I’m kinda ashamed of that, but there’s a first time for everything, no worries. It was harder than I thought! There are so many colors in skin tone, I think that’s where many people fail. I can’t say that this looks exactly like my cousins daughter, Eliana, but I think I nailed the glowing beauty of her skin.
jan07 069.jpg
Of course, this piece is very far from being done. I want to find a way to push Sara (Eliana’s mom) to the background a bit, and give Eliana ground to sit on. I also will do bunches of stuff with the negative space to communicate the amazing gift of adoption. Not just parents and children, but the adoption that we have because of Jesus. Tall order huh? I’m just excited I finally got some paint on canvas. It’s been an artistic constipation of sorts. whew! glad it’s out.


7 thoughts on “WIP: Boo-Yah!!

  1. Yo kate… i really like all the work you’ve done on Eliana. The facial features look really great. Also… I really admire your goals for your pieces… very ambitious and inspiring to me… so much of my art is all about one tiny moment, glimpse, object, experience, etc.
    Keep up the good work!
    We had a really fun time with you kids at CDM this weekender… despite the sensory overload that comes with gathering many many families together in a playful place…he he
    one more thang… jos really has a nice eye … luv those pics!!!

  2. Love, love, love, love LOVE her face! Esp the wide eyes and shape of the lips. I think you’re right, you did nail the glow and the yellow & purple are striking.

  3. Love, love, love, love LOVE her face! Esp the wide eyes and shape of the lips. I think you’re right, you did nail the glow and the yellow & purple are striking.

  4. k-
    thank you. our god speaks through his people, their words and your prophetic pictures that are speaking his truth into broken lives.
    as the guy who gets to love both these girls, you did capture them: sara’s contentment and e’s wide eyed wonder and innocence.
    another verse that we’ve claimed is psalm 68:5-6a
    “A father to the fatherless, a defender of widows,
    is God in his holy dwelling.
    6 God sets the lonely in families…”
    and then there is moses, esther, ephraim, jesus, 1 john, eph 1… amazing.
    speaking of e…she is walking all over and getting into everything with climbing just around the corner. she babbles constantly with a few words like “kitty, dadd-ee and mom-mom” mixed in with her sound fx for cars and pouring tea.
    i’m waxing eloquent…thanks.

  5. Sara Ward

    The painting is just beautiful; it brought tears to our eyes last night when we saw it. For the last week, E has been sick, then I got it, so I hadn’t spent much time online. We’re finally getting back to normal, which means I’m slowly getting caught up, checking blogs and so forth. When I got online late last night, the surprise made my week, my month, probably even my year! Sam said we gotta have that. We were just thrilled. I think you captured Eliana and our family beautifully. Thank you.

  6. lois ward

    hi kate,
    sam has kept us up on your blog and so i’m often checking it out, love to see your work, you did a great piece with eliana and sara, she has such a beautiful face, you should see her smile, its good to keep up with your family, hope you are all doing well,

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