First Day of Pre-K

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Today Josiah went to the Pre-K program at NCF. We collected makers, crayons, pencils, scissors and an apron from IKEA to go into his bookbag. The bookbag was the hardest thing to find. Ours are still in Marietta, and I thought for sure that Mom would have a gazillion, but I was wrong. I did find a Guatamalan bag that the big Lutheren Conference gave my dad way back. It worked just fine. It didn’t have a zipper though. I promised Josiah’s teacher I would find one with a zipper. I picked out school clothes last night, and bundled us up this morning. We were the first ones there. Josiah has never had any fears (of any consistancy) of being left in a nursery class, so Eden and I bustled off to have a morning of errands. It was soooo nice to just have Eden. Wow, things were so simple! We went to drop off clean laundry for my grandparents. We walked to the bank and stopped and got a coffee. We watched some ER. Then we picked Josiah up! I was talking with Sarah Davick and locked my keys in the car. Joel was just starting his lunch break, so he rescued me. While we waited Josiah snapped some pictures.
jan07 088.jpg
Here’s the set I’ve created on flickr of all Josiah’s photos. And here is a great video of Josiah playing tee ball with Joel and his uncle Kirk. Go Cards! So here’s to a special day for one of the worlds greatest little boys. I’m getting verklempt!


One thought on “First Day of Pre-K

  1. i must apologize because there are only tears in my eyes when i look at josiah and see he’s grown into a big boy now ready to go out into the world. he is the best little boy in the world!!! this photo captures his young little spirit, his desire to go out and do the pre-k thing. i’m so glad you had special time with eden, it’s so important but i so wish to keep josiah small, a little monkey:)

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