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Last Saturday Joel was sick and stayed home from our CDM outting with NRV and friends. It wasn’t so bad for me since I had friends and loads of entertainment for the kids. I’m sure Joel was not having fun.
After 7 years of marriage and another move uprooting normalcy it is difficult for us to just relax and be with each other. There is always something we have to do, talk about, and sometimes we end up bickering about something small. We need more time alone, that’s a given, we’re definately planning a date this week. I love my Joel. He works so hard for the family and he plays hard with the kids. And he listens to me express the same thing over and over again. I am praying for faith that God will remind us how good He is. That He will provide even though money is tight. Today Joel let me sleep in (with no hesitation, he popped outta bed!). Then by the time I mosied downstairs he was packing them in the car to go to the Jefferson St playground. Tee-ball set in hand. So now I can blog in my pj’s leisurely drink my tea (and it’s still warm!, watch Clean Sweep, and after I finish this short entry. I will go down to the studio and paint a bit. This time is so special, such a sweet gift. I don’t even know if he thought it would be so nice for me, it just is. My Joel, he’s such a romantic.