A Good Day, A Great Day

jan07 110.jpg
It’s been a good day. Despite the fact that Eden barfed all over me twice Sunday night. She made it all day today, cabin fever and all, without barfing. Joel didn’t have to work for the holiday so it was good to have extra hands with the sick girl. Today was a great day because without much time at all I’ve sold my Sparrow Bird Pod and the Good Morning bunny painting. Yesssss. Also I have added another student to my Tuesday Tutoring. Sarah Demoss. It’ll be great to have twice as much coming in from teaching fun stuff with markers and pastels. Thank you Lord. Tommorrows lesson I will use some of young Ava’s drawings as an example. Here’s to grrreat days! And I’ll be making more birds. I have another to post, but I’m tired.
***New Yellow Bird Pod***
jan07 111.jpg
It’ll be in my shop today.


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