SPC Resolutions #4

pink kate.jpg
This is not really a self portrait. Cat took this last weekend at the Pickel Barrell. So give credit where it’s due. I guess when I look at this picture of me I think of how I have turned 30 this year and I am starting to realize that my age does matter. I can’t and won’t dress the way I did in college. It’s unattractive, it’s sloppy. I have to clean up and be pretty. I resolve to be feminine. I do like pink, I like make-up (except when my mascara is poking me in the eyes), I like scented lotions that make my skin softer. And for the first time my husband bought me perfume for my 30th birthday! I would so wear high heels to keep my pants from dragging on the ground. Ugh, that’s another thing. No more pants dragging on the ground! Being feminine is not about weakness, sappiness, flakiness, or being shallow. Being feminine is celebrating what God has made me. I want things to look nice. I want my purse to make me feel kinda stylish. I watch Project Runway and Runway Moms. Although I don’t watch romantic comedies anymore (sappy). I think being a mother is a very feminine quality. And being the mother of a little girl brings it out even more. Eden and I had our 3 and half hours just with Eden this morning while Josiah was in school. We shopped!! For clothes!! I got one pair of pants and a shirt so I can look presentable at AVA. We went through the clearance jewelry at Target. Eden loved it. Then we went to the thrift store and had fun trying on shoes. I came home with an oh-so-feminine pair of Teva’s, there in great shape too! It was fun shopping with Eden, we had a great girly time.
But resolutions aside, you’ll see me in blue jeans and Doc Martens (although they are purple corduroy). I’ll be sporting lots of hoodies and sneakers in my lifetime. But I will always want to dress in a way that makes my womanly side happy.
jan07 154.jpg
Here’s my next little bird. It’s not quite done, but almost. Look for it in New Eyes Shop. It’s about 5″x7″ on canvas.
jan07 156.jpg
Also I’ve paused on the birds for now to work more on Eliana. No worries Sam and Sara, I’ll have that done before her 2nd birthday.


3 thoughts on “SPC Resolutions #4

  1. Having a daughter is fun when you get to do all that girly stuff together. Wait until she’s older and paints your fingernails for you. My Lydia loves to do that.
    I really like the new bird pod. I’m hoping to have a little extra cash soon so I can bring a sweet tweet home.

  2. yo kate…
    i so hear ya about the girly vibe filtering its way into your post college 30 something world. aah!!! we chattavegas girls have been the sloppiest of the sloppy running with paint all over our clothes (and dreads in our hair…)and pants cleaning the sidewalks. I’m sick of looking like a dump!!! On with the hemmed pants and clothes for girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i just love the bird pods, girl!
    also… the tiny business cards are oh so cute!!! txs

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