SPC and health

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Ross’ Landing, originally uploaded by katiek2.

I know it doesn’t look it, but we are a sorry bunch these days. I was feverish and stomachy yesterday wanting to just die because my children were dancing around me with restlessness. I also have 2 art lessons on Tuesday afternoon with Cara English and Sarah Demoss. And this week, I have to help with the Pre-K program that Josiah goes to Wednesday mornings at NCF. Well, I’m feeling about 90% today but I’m totally unprepared. Thankfully I moved my art lessons to Thursday, but the Pre-K is still a problem. If Josiah was feeling OK I would get on the ball but he has been barfing non-stop since 8am with late night intervals early this morning. There’s no way we’re making Pre-K. And my week just comes to a grinding hault. There are papers to sign and paintings to paint. There are things to be cleaned! But my father spoke through his migrane haze and said, “Kate, we need to get you well.” I have had a cold for who knows how long. The stomach thing is over and I can now do all the laundry that is being created by my poor sick little boy. I’m almost worried about him because of how often he’s barfing, he’s never been this sick before. I knocked him out with Benedryl for naptime so hopefully when he wakes up he’ll have a stomach that can hold down Pedialyte. I am not a panicky sort of mom, it probably helps to have brother in law pediatric help on speed dial.
Josiah will be 4 years old on Saturday. Maybe it’s best with the illness that we aren’t doing a big bash of a birthday. My first real day at AVA is Josiah’s birthday, and that’s alright. I think we’ll have a bigger bash for Eden’s 2nd in our new house in Jefferson Heights. So I guess I’ll need to make a cake sometime after my posponed art lesson and before my dad leaves Friday night for a gig. I want to make Josiah’s birthday to be special. I want his new boots to arrive!! But I thought I would begin by celebrating him with this excellent photo he took of Eden and I at the Ross’ Landing playground. He loves taking pictures and for the first time I think Eden looks like me.
So if you think of us today, pray that Josiah will be back to his old self for his birthday. Pray that Eden and Joel will not get sick. So for this SPC I’d like to resolve to step back, get well, and know that time will catch up and all things will fall into place. The moments that seem to last forever are short and I am very very very thankful that my children are healthy. The advertizing gets me everytime.


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  1. I know all that Jos vomit is taking you back to newborn concerns. I’m praying for him to hold something down and for your peace. Rest up Miss Goer.

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