Gems from Josiah

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feb07 083.jpg
feb07 084.jpg
My little photographer snapped a few shots on Saturday morning during his Papa’s haircut. I had a little pile of auburn hair on the floor. Dark was Joel’s, light was Josiah’s. We had a nice low-key weekend. A family birthday celebration on Friday night and some ice-cream goodness with the Wiegers, Cat and auntie Amy on Saturday night.
Sunday we had a great prayer and worship service at NRV. It was totally one of those ’emerging church’ services. Music, slideshow of powerful imagery. Stations for communion, reading and writing, prayers for healing etc. It was very relaxing, and it went smoothly. I remember we wanted to do that at VSN a lot, and it seemed awkward with the younger crowd. At NRV, with the more mature congregation, everything was taken seriously and felt natural. It was cool, I look forward to doing it more often.