Sparrow with Blush

feb07 123.jpg
Thanks for all your encouraging words, sometimes I just hafta get it out of my system. This little birdie is done (before midnight, hooray!) and will be in my shop at 3pm EST. If you are wanting to buy it that’s where it will be. This picture isn’t the greatest, I’ll make sure the shop photo is better, that lower branch isn’t nearly that light. I discovered after loading this batch that Josiah’s greasy fingerprints were all over the lens, ewwww. I’m sure you guys are kinda sick of looking at birds, I have a great group of shots Josiah took while driving back from Harry’s yesterday. A million pictures of his feet, hilarious. But their in those smokin’ flamin’ Chuck’s, so that gives them more interest! Maybe it’s time to dedicate a day of the week on new eyes for Josiah’s latest photos.
feb07 127.jpgfeb07 128.jpg