If you Believe

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If you believe that God can heal than pray for Him to heal me!! I am on my second cold since Christmas and this time it came with pink eye. Yum! I went to the Dr today and I got the info that I was sure I would get. Prescription for eye drops and some kind of antibiotic. My dad pleaded with me to go to the Dr.
I sat in the curtained off section and many feelings raced back to me. All the memories of sitting waiting for things to happen. The prints hanging in the midwife’s office, the charts with different birth control methods. Really, the most time I’ve ever spent in Dr’s offices is either taking care of or preventing pregnancy (BTW congrats Green’s on little Naya’s arrival!). Those are definately better than what I was doing today. I stared at the empty chair across from my paper covered perch and I honestly pictured Jesus there sitting across from me. I have felt so helpless and wrung out, and I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have a lot of helping hands to make the kids feel loved. I sat in that empty space, sterile with clinic wear n tear, and I wanted to lay down on that paper sheet and take a nap. I don’t think the N.Prac. would have minded. That’s the medicine I need more than anything, NAPS. Going to bed at 9pm isn’t the answer, it’s short recharges all day long. But more than anything, I want to understand why I’ve been sick and what I need to do to keep sickness at bay. I don’t want it to just happen to me, I want to claim control, because God has plans for me. Am I having a Job moment? Or am I being attacked and needing some prayer warriors by my side? It never hurts to have some.
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These make the coughing and sore throat not so bad. I get to sip my breakfast tea and look at my V-day roses. I love my Joel. We get to share Pink Eye together!
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And here’s my new bird WIP. Waiting for me to get well. And say so long to Cookie and Little Finch, they found a home in Brooklyn.


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  1. reading this late but wanted to let you know you are in my prayers. Congrats on the painting sales.
    I am envious. I really want another KatieK original…

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