Honey soaked cuteness

feb07 158.jpg
Josiah took this picture of his grandpa yesterday. Dad was telling him, “Get my face, not just my belly!” And Josiah said, “I did! I did!” Josiah has a little bit of a respect problem with my Dad. Dad says that he is not much of a disciplinarian, and so he’ll come tell me what Josiah has said that needs to be dealt with immediately, he’s not wrong, Josiah does need to be reminded that Grandpa is Boss as well. I’m sure it’s kinda confusing for Jos.
Josiah has to open the door for everyone, in fact he’ll drop anything to tear across the house and open it for you as you leave. Mom and Dad have a security system that beeps when the doors open, so if you leave without Josiah opening the door he’ll hear your betrayal with a little “beep beep”. It gets worse when we go other places. Barnes and Noble and the Library are pretty bad. He scolded a man that was probably my dad’s age who tried to be so kind and help us (all 3 of us) with the door. Josiah laid into him, and I immediately told Josiah NO and kindly told the stranger that “this is an issue with him, no worries”. It’s so funny how people apologize to the parents when it’s obviously the child that is wrong! I mean, it’s not your fault my child is a sinner and wants his own way all the time. This is where it takes guts as a parent to address the embarrassing situation with tact and sternness. I want the stranger to know that I will stand in the cold entryway of the library just to tell my son that he can not talk to this man that way and to apologize.
Josiah opened the door for my dad this morning. Saturday is Dad’s big rehersal day for church services tommorrow. Josiah, still in his Pj’s watches his grandpa decend the stairs, “He’s going to play jazz music.” I had to turn around in amazement. My son absorbs all information. “He IS Josiah! You’re right! He is going to play jazz music!” I exclaim with that proud mommy tone. “He’s going to play jazz music at church!” “Yes Josiah, he’s going to play at church.” It’s taken Josiah a while to figure out that Grandpa’s job is different than his Papa’s job, but I think he’s figured it out. And it was so cute I had to blog about it.
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