For the W

feb07 214.jpg
Josiah has pink eye. He couldn’t go to school today. He couldn’t really go anywhere. But I thought a playground would be a safe bet.
feb07 225.jpg
We headed down to our favorite which is the Ross’ Landing playground. Trouble was, George W decided to visit us here in Chattanooga and the entire downtown area was shut down!!Every street we went down had cops blocking the downtown access.
feb07 239.jpg
That wasn’t the hard part really, I mean we could go up Lookout to the Mtn Maze, but Josiah had such a good time having adventures at Ben Miller Park that we went back there to swing and throw leaves and dig up sand.
feb07 248.jpg
What a beautiful day!! I could taste spring time. It definately made all the sickness and junk go away. The kids got dirty and we come home just in time to see Steve Sherfy chopping down trees and digging holes on his property. Weird.
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