In celebration of Wool

feb07 280.jpg
This picture includes the purse that came all the way from Boise just for me! Thanks Lynn! I gotta find a happy place to go with it, a place where I will only need a credit card, a phone and a lipgloss. I’m also making a couple pairs of shoes for Lori Gienapp and friend. I hope they are “neutral” enough, I just had to put a little bit of purple under that brick red (grin grin).
feb07 308.jpg
The pattern is from Heather Bailey. It’s trickier than the Martha pattern but Mary Janes aren’t really neutral.
feb07 309.jpg
And I’m totally digging my Mom’s machine that has all these stiches to choose from, less work for me! Yeah!
feb07 310.jpg
feb07 311.jpg


One thought on “In celebration of Wool

  1. Laurie Gienapp

    Those look awesome, Katie! I love the colors!!! I can’t wait to see the expression on my friend’s face when she gets her gift.

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