SPC B&W #4

feb07 348.jpg
This isn’t all the way black and white, but I like it. There’s only so many pictures I can look at of myself that are black and white. Another minivan shot. I just love taking pictures while I’m driving. Yeah, pull me over, arrest me. Driving while capturing images.
feb07 339.jpgfeb07 337.jpg
There are so many places I want to snap pictures of as I drive around and around and around town. And I did drive everywhere today, Eden and I. See I’m at that place, that place that desperate people reach, where you see how much money you need and you have no options to save anymore. All you can do is get a friggin job.
feb07 344.jpg
I went and turned in two applications, well one. The other process was a bit more complicated. I am reaching out stretching myself to come to grips with the reality that I am going to join the real workforce after being out of it for 6 years. Joel has been a pillar of strength as I come to this recognition. There is the life of a straving artist. Starving is one thing, but starving and in debt is another. I will not be in debt if I can help it!! So before our Marietta house sells I must be the one to make sure the minimum payments get paid. So who will pay me? Target? They just took down their “Now Hiring” sign the day after I apply “we’re not hiring at this time”. Starbucks? “Oh Ma’am you’ll have to apply with the Hotel, see we’re Hotel staff” Home Depot? That’s my next bet, even though it’s miles away from my home base. I keep waiting for that perfect thing to fall from the clouds.
But what made this kinda crappy use of my morning sans Josiah better was that I finally got the guts to introduce myself to Shawna at Main and Mocha who lives in my new neighborhood. Joel is so good about hob-nobbing, I’m shy (or aloof, take your pick). And then I took my weekly drive by our house and what did I see to my great delight!
feb07 349.jpg
It’s painted!!! Sage green! I was only going to believe it when I could see it. I guess I’m just waiting for the builder’s to screw up. We’ll see how Joel likes it. I always think he’ll poop on my happy light green color parade.
As much as I’d like to tell you about the neighbors I met this weekend and the cool has hell lofts that are in the old Clark Bro’s Furniture building I must sew some baby shoes, apply for jobs, and get artist info together (look for me in a local publication soon!).


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