Adoption: Work in Progress

march07 112.jpg
Sorry for the crappy picture guys, but remember this painting?! I had almost forgot about it. It has been abandoned on my easel while I was makign bunnies and birdies. But I have felt it’s pull and I want to finish it, soon! It’s in ‘the gaudy stage’ right now. That’s where I have to load on all the images and words and texture. After this, I work on them to make them more subtle and push and pull certain things forward and back.
<img alt="march07 116.jpg" src=" 116-thumb.jpg"width="281" height="211"
Hopefully this week, I will have some time to work on this and find more things to push and pull.
I found one of my mom’s embroidery books for these little floral motifs. They also are not finished, but I love the contrast they will have with the figures.
march07 115.jpg
So stay tuned, I have been enjoying diving back into this one. Eliana’s wonderful skin tone, big letter stencils, heck! big brushes! I’ve been neglecting my number 8’s for too long!


3 thoughts on “Adoption: Work in Progress

  1. i really like the progress you’ve made on your adoption piece. i think the addition of the painted photograph helps with the perspective, because i think before the baby and your cousins wife were way out of proportion. i know they are on different planes but the baby looked absolutely massive!!! 🙂 cute and beautiful but really big. i know you are going to come through on this one BIG TIME!!! god is so good to help us in our creativity. i love it all!

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