Who’s the Birthday Boy?

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The St. Elmo Playground was built just in time for Joel to celebrate his 30th birthday. Today Joel joins the ranks of the non-twenties. Although Joel, in his determined mission to wear out an old joke, says it’s his 2nd 29th birthday. His birthday comes on the busiest week of my life!! It seems. Cat asked me, “So Kate, what does your week look like?” And as I rattled off all the stuff I had to do this week I was floored that I kept talking. But it’s hump day, Joel’s birthday, and I think the rest of this week will be busy and fun.
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Joel and I will hob-nob with folks on Friday afternoon 3:30-5:30 (I know, weird times) at Arts Move on Main. Then we’ll come home for Joel’s birthday party. Burgers and bratwurst and, just a little bit of, Andy Perkins PhD!!!! Congrats Andy, we all knew you were smart, sent prayers off for you a little bit late, but God doesn’t work on our timeline anyway. It’ll be way fun. Another Saturday of working at AVA for me, Joel gets to play daddy all day at a 3kid birthday party. I think AVA sounds more peaceful. Just maybe. Then a Passover feast with our tried and true small group.
Josiah was so tired today at school. He was distracted, weepy, clumsy and impatient. By the last lesson he was asking to go home. This business is making my kids unhappy. They love going to church, they have so many people there tht love them and they playplayplay the whole time (and do alot of praying and application too). Getting home at 8:00 on Sunday and 9:30 on Tuesday makes the next morning miserable. Mom said Eden was a zombie too. I am happy that we are healthy and tired because of our active involvement with good things like friends, church, school, home and art.


3 thoughts on “Who’s the Birthday Boy?

  1. HAPPY HAPPY Birthday, Joelie!!!!
    Joshers and I will be joining you in the non twenty crowd next month… I still can’t believe that!!!
    Kateums – I am gonna try to get over to your reception on Main. I will probably be there right at the end though… can’t wait to see your stuff on gallery walls again… so fun! So proud of ya too!!!
    Why IS this week so busy????

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