Quite a Gift

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WIP birdie hat, originally uploaded by katiek2.

I had to share a photo of one of my fun works-in-progress, my bird hat. I’m going to finish it out the same way I do my paintings, paint pen and all. But I wore it around with just the stencil for a while getting the idea to soak into my head. I wore it, also, just long enough to not be able to sell it. Well, I practice on this one and I got another one that’s blank ready to be the next little canvas.
I just wanted to thank everyone who came down to see me at Art Moves on Main yesterday. Can you believe the turn out?? It was awesome. And Joel was moaning that morning that “it’s not even in the paper!” Sorry for those I didn’t get to talk to, but I think I probably talked to more friends than future clients. Not that my friends don’t buy, I got a few of those out there too. I got tired of explaining the space to everyone. There is not way I could possibly afford one of those lofts. One of those lofts is almost twice the cost of my house in Jefferson Heights! I’m hoping my house value will catch up real soon. I sold my Yellow Bird Pod yesterday. Awesome, that’s $40 I didn’t have yesterday, I could pay my baby sitter! I also got a commission, we’ll see if it comes through. I wish that I had more large work to show. It’s really hard for me to be resigned to all the birds I’ve been painting! I would feel super great if I could paint some more medium size pieces of rabbits like Good Morning and Cookie. Maybe kids and bunnies and birds? That sounds too much like a Target Easter catalogue ad.
But I was encouraged. Joel tells me it’s always good to show my work no matter how old or new. It was great to see Daniel and the whole Coptix crew (did they just come for the MGD?). And Henry was great to see, sweeping the floor for me with his chubby hands, they came up black.
Being the putz that I am, I did not get to see the other artists work. Dude, I didn’t even make it to see all the sculptures! I was admiring the dress from afar. So pretty, I can’t get over it.
I am so encouraged about my community. The group of women I met with on Thursday night remind me that there is something important about showing. Just showing, Those of you who don’t show your work anywhere, not even it the humblest of places you need to, there is no excuse. You need to hear what the huddled masses have to say about your art. And as much as I put my art all over the www, you have to have people see your work in person, pixels don’t cut it. I can’t tell you how many times people have said, “It’s so good to see it in real-life”. It’s true, the brushstrokes, the texture, your own zoom lense (your legs) these things are important to those people that will admire your art with great sincerity and not just out-click it. This will give people the experience of talking to an artist and seeing who you really are. This will give people that awkward growing feeling of telling others how this art “makes them feel”. And as an artist, I would not improve if I did not have people seeing, talking, commenting on my work. I have a long way to go, and after every show I have, I have to decompress and take in what I’ve been told. It’s important, have I stressed it enough?
Well, I’m here at AVA today and the huddled masses are drifting through my door in small singles and doubles. Not very impressive I must say. But I’m glad to be here, again, to talk to people about art. And to sit my tired ass down! After a day of art frenzy and then Joel’s joyful 30th birthday party, I’m beat. Poor Joel, he gets to take our tired kids to a big kiddie birthday party today. He’ll get his day of rest and basketball tommorow.
Happy Birthday to my mom and my grandma (who’s 92 today). I love you beautiful women. My grandma has a bird shirt of her own to wear and celebrate spring.


One thought on “Quite a Gift

  1. Cool hat, kate!!
    It was so great to see you guys at Arts Move… I always love seeing your work in person… it never gets old and always gives me inspiring ideas. Thanks!
    Your talent is a great gift, Kate. I’m so proud of the tireless energy you devote to it.

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