If I could build a playground…

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We schmoozed with a friendly Sarah Morgan, representative of the Lyndhurst foundation during the art show on Friday and she told us if we had any suggestions for the Jefferson Street Park and playground. I said I would love to give them notes! So Amber and I need to get together and petition. What would you want? Have you seen something at your local playground that you love?Help me out Y’all!


One thought on “If I could build a playground…

  1. So so so so SO glad Andy got to be with y’all for the big three oh, jealous as I was.
    A fence somewhere around the playground. A pretty wooden fence with a mommy-friendly gate tiny ones can’t open and close themselves. Ooh, and separate “big kid” equipment and “wee kid” equipment. Oh, and our park here has metal music-making keys of some sort. That’s fun.

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