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I’m feeling a little worn thin today. Too much on my brain. But you can enjoy these wonderful pictures from our Passover meal at the Englishs house. Warm, cozy, comfortable, times. Great lamb and wine and Q&A for the kids. Josiah remembered that Joseph had his coat soaked in blood. Jos loves the blood stories. When the mother of 6 tells you you looke tired you probably are. Thanks for the great meal guys! If anyone has a chance to visit the English home (especially for a meal) do it! It’s an enriching experience and I’ve blogged about it before.
Think and pray for me this week. I’ve been offered a job at a homeschooling group to teach not one but 3 art classes in the fall. I’m mostly terrified of teaching elementary school kids. Grades 2-6 in the same room! Eeek! Lynn where are you when I NEED you!!!


2 thoughts on “Thin

  1. beautiful photos, remind me of the warmth i feel from you and the english fam and all the others. i am praying for you and us and the whole of your teaching opp. praying is not a chore when i think about you and all the prayers you’ve lifted up to god for me. take care, see you soon.

  2. hey kate
    yukie has been doing this for a while- small school + young kids + art and it’s been good. I’m glad you got an offer and just have to hope that they can pay you enough to make it worth your while so you feel compelled to make it inspiring for the youngins.

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