The Offer!!

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Last night we were watching Empire Strikes Back with the kids while eatin’ piza and we got a call from Patty. Someone made an offer on our Marietta house! Yeah Yeah Yeah!! Now I know we’re not out of the woods, we’re going to counter-offer, but this is the home stretch! Keep praying everyone, the next hurdle in my mind is whatever the home inspector for the bank might say. Because yesterday morning our lovely housesitter told us that the whole drainpipe fell off of our house! I had her and her brother move it to the basement. Ugh. And we’ve had handy-people tell us that our deck (even with brand new railing) still is questionable. Ugh. Prayer has worked and God is so faithful. We’re expecting awesome things. The funniest thing, is part of their initial offer is that they want all our appliances, our washer and dryer and our lawn-mower. Kinda funny, but dude, take ’em!!


3 thoughts on “The Offer!!

  1. Elizabeth Stacey

    Katie – Great news…I will be praying for it. Hey, I got the painting and love it. I love it so much that I want to buy a second one in the same style but maybe a different painting. Email me if you would be interested in making another one for me and I can kind of tell you what I’m looking for. I still want the same black frame and size…I have a small hallway where two of them would look oh so perfect! Elizabeth

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