More to Show and Tell

april07 059.jpg
The Bird Pair I’m working on…
april07 062.jpg
A hat that I botched the bill on, but the part in this picture is pretty…
april07 122.jpg
And the beetle commission that is the first in line these days.
And we have an agreement for our Marietta house! Joel and I wish we were more celebratory. Offers and counter-offers suck. Home sales is hard. We listed this house for 10K more than we sold it for. When we walk away from this sale we won’t quite have enough to pay off our home equity debt. But it’s over, the waiting, the wondering the continual desire to make the house seem better. It’s over!! Yeah!! We will close on our new house on April 30th, maybe a little before. We will close on the old house on May 15th. What a way to celebrate our 8th wedding anniversary, closing on our old house, finally! We are thankful, we’re also entering into a very fast paced month. I hope I can have some time to breathe. I have to get my course descriptions for my fall art classes in by the end of this week. And I have stuff to do for the Clothesline Show. Ohhhhh, way too much to do.


2 thoughts on “More to Show and Tell

  1. Jennifer

    If that beetle that you are working on is mine… you hit the nail on the head!! I sometimes call Luke “Beetlebug”. Amazing!! It looks great!!!!

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