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Here’s the proof of the art show postcard I did. We’re having a lovely gathering at Laura Pettit’s house and we will fill her home with art. Some hanging on lines, some on walls. All women, all the time. It’ll be fun and it’ll be two full days. Come and enjoy some casual art browsing. Laura’s home is pretty enough to wander through.
And if you are curious to read my course descriptions for the classes I’ll teach next year you can continue the reading…. so glad I can chill for a couple minutes and and have a midnight snack.

ELEMENTARY (and possibly middle)
Intro to Art
This course will give students a fun introduction to the arts through a mixture of traditional fine art media and stimulating crafts that teach the basic elements of design. Students will learn about famous artists while creating projects that imitate the master artists technique. Students will begin the steps of learning how to draw with a natural approach that is more than appropriate for their age and skill level. Drawing is taught in an atmosphere of relaxation and fun! Students will experiment with pencil, pens, markers, pastels, mixed media and some paint.
HIGH SCHOOL (and possibly middle)
Art 1 (Fall)
This course is an excellent introduction to the arts through two dimensional media. Students will explore their creativity through learning the elements of design and examples in art history. Some projects will include still-life, figure drawing, studies in perspective, composition and abstraction. Various materials will include pencil, colored pencil, markers, pastels, inks and some mixed media. Students will learn how to discuss art in class and talk about what they have created.
Art 2 (Spring)
This course is a continuation of Art 1 venturing into more media, specifically painting, printmaking and clay. Students will learn more about color, form and composition through these media. More examples from art history will be used to foster the students desire to create and learn from the masters. Students will learn more about art criticism and have more opportunities to show and talk about their work.


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