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A Spring day brings us outdoors to find new exciting things to do with Grandma’s recycling. My mom is blown away by how much oatmeal we eat. I tried to freecycle oatmeal containers when we lived in Marietta. I was sure there would be a VBS that would need some supplies or something. It’s better that we have tons of empty oatmeal containers than empty soda cans or Snickers wrappers. Jos and Eden just loved marching around in the oatmeal containers pretending they were boots.
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Our Clothesline show is going to have a blog to follow our inspirations, goals, goings on etc. Maybe it’ll just be me and Cat most of the time, but it’s worth a try! Check it out from time to time: Clothesline-Women’s Art


2 thoughts on “special finds

  1. Yep. We’re Oaties, too. Every morning. So much cheaper and healthier than cold cereal. I usually get it from the bulk section at WF. I’m dying for 10lb bags of oatmeal!
    My next step is to figure out how to make granola bars (that I like!).

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