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I finished my Beetle Pod, now I just hafta make it down to IKEA to get a frame for it. I’d love to hang it at the Clothesline if it doesn’t sell before then. I’ve been looking at the calendar trying to see what needs to get accomplished before we close on our new house. There’s going to be lots of babysitting and trips before it’s all said and done. My mom and dad are giving of themselves so much so that we can accomplish stuff in peace. It will be quite a blessing, especially for my marriage. It’s amazing how quickly a tiny problem becomes a reason for marriage counseling when the kids are underfoot. I have an amazing praise to report: seems the home inspector for our old house in Marietta has found no problems except that the dishwasher doesn’t work. Amazing!! After all the “uh-ohs” and “oh-no’s” and “I-dunno-Ma’am’s” it seems all those workers opinions didn’t seem to matter in the end. We have restored that house to a point that it is pretty and comfortable. And I am praising God that the inspector didn’t find anything else that we have to fix. The diswasher is a drop in the bucket compared to roofs, porches, chimney’s etc. We have not a single dime left to put into this house. We are squeaking into our new home by the skin of our teeth. God just keeps bringing us little bits of money and it comes from my art sales. Little by little. I want to say thanks to you all who have waited until this spring to buy pieces of art. God has given you the desire because this artist needs the money now more than ever. And of course, you need art more than ever (wink). I hope to get a few more pods worked on before my brother and his family come in a couple weeks. Cuz by that time, it’s time to pack it up and move it all.


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  1. Big yay God on the inspection!
    I’d like to see a beetle three quarters of the way on the canvas – coming from the bottom right hand corner.

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