Ticking Clock

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I drove down to Marietta Tuesday night and stayed and met 2 freecyclers, the dishwasher repairman, the carpet cleaners, and the movers for an estimate. Whew! It was alot of standing around and waiting. But it ws relaxing as well. Of course Mom and Joel paid for it while I was gone. Josiah hurt his foot doing…I dunno, somethin’. And Eden didn’t sleep very well. Joel told me last night as we drifted off to sleep that he was glad I was back because, “someone hs to be the Mama” I guess that’s me!
It’s hard for me to go back and forth from the old life to the new. There are things about living in the ATL that are hard to leave behind. The stores are better. My thrift store pulled though again as I found 3 shirts, 2 skirts, and 2 pairs of shoes for Eden for less than $5! Nice. I miss the smooth roads. I miss the adventure. I mean because Atlanta is so big, there is no telling how or what you’ll run into. I met so many cool people, went to so many interesting festivals, concerts and parks. In Chattanooga the joys are different. Running into people I know from all walks of life all…the….time. My childhood and my kids childhood is colliding on a regular basis. What’s nice is that the folks at church are new relationships that begin now, when I’m 30 years old.
I got to swing by my new house on the way back from Marietta last night. The plumber was there putting a faucet on. I got to sneak in and browse around. The faucet was awesome!! Because we requested this certain granite it didn’t come with a hole for the sprayer thing, so instead we got a fancy faucet where the sprayer is the front of the main faucet! It looks like the Starship Enterprise is flying out of my sink! Pretty fancy. I really feel amazingly blessed. I mean, I know I’m paying for it big-time, but I feel a smidge like Extreme Home Make-over because it’s getting done the way we like it! The mirrors in the bathrooms are round and oval. The light fixtures we chose are so great. Man, I’m ready to live there now!
I was able to go to IKEA and get some frames for the pieces I’ve done for the Clothesline Show. Check out the clothesline blog for special features I’m writing on some of the artists that will be in the show!
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