Happy Birthday my Eden

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Happy Birthday to my sweet girl Eden! 2 years old! What a beautiful girl you are. Everybody tells me this and I beam with pride and I realize my fears. But most of all, I live in the present and want to be with her and I want to be her friend. She’s so cuddly and, dare I say, she’s not weaned. Her personality makes it easy for me not to long for another baby. Not saying that I think I’m done, but just like my dad said the other day, “I just can’t picture Eden as a middle child.” She’s my baby girl still and I’m good with that. I love seeing her make friends, play hard with her brother (who’s twice her size). I love seeing her imitate girly things with me. I love seeing her reactions to stuff and how different it is from her ‘all boy’ brother. Most of all, I love listening to her talk and sing. It warms my heart to hear her learn how to communicate. I feel like I’ve been waiting FOREVER. She took her time on the talking thing. I can’t wait to have fun conversations with her that are totally different from the ones I have with Josiah. We have this fun game we play that she starts. She says,”Heeeey Mama!” and I say, “Heeeeey Eden!” and we repeat it over and over. It makes us both smile.
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It is very fun having a daughter. For those of you who don’t have both a boy and a girl I highly recommend the one you’re lacking. Maybe that’s a wierd thing to write, but I feel very blessed to have both.
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As Eden stays close to me physically, I have a peace about how she will become a strong, confident, modest, and nurturing woman. I love you my Eden, you’ve been an excellent experience since day one. A wonderful Mother’s Day present you will always be!
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7 thoughts on “Happy Birthday my Eden

  1. Ooo! I’m first!
    Happy Birthday Itty Bitty! May you be blessed with another wondrous year.
    And mom- kudos on still nursing her. It is such a precious gift we are given. Happy day to you too!

  2. happy birthday eden b. we’re so so so happy your in our lives. i love growling with you!!! wunderbar, tribute kate!!!

  3. Roseanne

    Happy 2nd Birthday Eden! I hope to come to see you very soon! Love always, Roseanne
    Katie, She is getting so big!

  4. Roseanne

    Happy 2nd Birthday Eden! I hope to come to see you very soon! Love always, Roseanne
    Katie, She is getting so big!

  5. kate… i read your thoughts celebrating you’re sweet girl and i notice all over again how great a mom you are… love you and that sweet little one!
    i think she left a little pink/redish hoodie at our house…

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