Grace is Enough

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lazy friday, originally uploaded by katiek2.

As I drove to AVA today to work I was a huge crazy bundle of nerves. Trying to stay cool over the whole moving process and feeling about to burst wanting to be in my own home again, makes me not so pleasent sometimes. Chocolate is my friend as I self medicate. I’ve tried all kinds these past 6 months. It makes me crazy that we are closing on Tuesday and the front windows in my brand new, Earth-Craft house are still BROKEN. It took everything in me to not scream about it all evening yesterday. We need to do a “walk thru” to check if there’s any boo-boo’s before we close and the builder’s cannot be reached. I mean, what the hell. Nice day for golf I guess. I’m ready to hand them a contract for money and they aren’t answering the phone? huh? It makes me feel sick. I might have to move my closing date because the builder’s (who have been nothing but sweet and friendly) didn’t finish my house. Our agent gives us great confidence that if we do have to move our closing date the builder’s will pay for the extra time the truck has to be rented. Whatta pain.
Then as I sat with my kids eating breakfast Eden became more and more lethargic. She felt warm, etc. I gave her Tylenol and felt very uneasy that my daughter was convieniently getting sick right before we make our final trek to Marietta. I left for work feeling like I was panicking. I knew that a long afternoon at AVA was going to be the cure for all the busy-ness surrounding me today. I called Joel earlier today and asked about Eden. She’s doing great. He was romping on the playground with her. She conked out in her bed before I left and the nap has revived her. Hallelujah!
When I have moments where I am losing it I am asking God just to be with me. I don’t expect Him to make my life easier, but these days when hard things arise He does answer that prayer. He is with me, and He has made my life easier than it could have been. His grace is enough for me. Grace is an awesome thing.
We will go down to Marietta after church tommorow, honoring Mom with a brunch earlier that day. We will celebrate our eighth wedding anniversary this week. By Tuesday we’ll see if the builder’s pull their heads out of the sand so we can buy our house finally. I can’t wait to live there it really is a wonderful community and news of more and more folks are making the move.
Alli Crumley has honored me and the Clothesline Show with a short article in her informative blog Chattanooga is Home. Keep yourself posted thru Alli’s info!
As I sit here at AVA is am falling in love more and more with Elizabeth Rose’s prints. They are gorgeous. If you have time to come down and check them out, do it. If you have $200 to burn take home some wonderful art. And it’s framed!!