Mother’s Day brunch, check. Teach Pre-K class at NRV with 3 LaRose’s, check. Kiss kids good night, check. Drive to Marietta, check. Show off my packing prowess to my husband, check.
Eat breakfast at Martin’s (yum), check. Converse with cleaners, check. Pick up rental truck, check. Meet movers, check. Meet cleaners, check. Trip to the dump, check. Call to Haz-Mat, check, although unsucessful. erg. Multiple calls to Live Urban. Gotta love Caroline! check. Pay Movers, check. Last thrift store trip, check. Drop by Venture PT and say Hey! check. Pay Cleaners, check. Idiot check the house and say a fleeting goodbye, check (no tears here!). Check into hotel, check. Park Rental truck oh-so cautiously, check. Clean up,check. Drive to IKEA. Get Josiah’s bed, coffee table, and a chair, check. Eat Indian food to celebrate 8 years of married bliss, check. Enjoy a freshly made kingsize bed, check. Place Kinko’s order for clothesline at 1am, check. Get call from Kinkos guy at 1:30 (freaky!), check. Write Mary about getting signs, check. Write Jen with art list, check. Sleeeeeeep (barely).
Eat hotel breakfast, check. Get directions to closing, check. Drive the Prev to closing, check. Sell our house and sign a million papers!!!, CHECK! Get the call that we will not be buying a house today. Drive to Chattanooga, check. Buy fridge, and washer/dryer, UGH, check. My fridge is pretty bitchin’. Park rental truck at Paul Rhudy’s shop, check. Go back to Mom’s and sleeeeeeep. Greet my happy children after naps, check. Eat and get back to business. Go by house and count windows for much needed blinds that we can’t afford, check. Meet another neighbor, finally find out where Daniel and Brooke Baker live. Go to Home Depot and buy temp blinds, check. Put kids to bed, eat icecream, pack a suitcase, find favorite tank tops (yeah!), boo-hoo about money spent, watch Entourage season 3. Yeah. Sleeeeeeeep.


7 thoughts on “update-O

  1. do you feel like you’re in the middle of a whirlwind? you’re almost at the finish line!!! thank you for every little ounce of your sweetness. i’m so proud of you in everything you’re doing-i’m feeling random in my appreciation right now, can you tell? congrats on selling, congrats on 8 hearty loving yrs of marriage oblivion, congrats on being on top o’ it!!!

  2. brooke

    hey katie! it was great to meet you guys yesterday! welcome to the nieghborhood – stop by our house anytime…
    btw, the temp blinds they have at lowes/home depot are awesome & work great. we got some for our doors & they went from temp to permanent. have fun!

  3. Girlfriend, you are one of my heroes:) Love this post. You’re in my prayers. Life is so crazy and busy sometimes. Hope rest comes soon for you!

  4. Girlfriend, you are one of my heroes:) Love this post. You’re in my prayers. Life is so crazy and busy sometimes. Hope rest comes soon for you!

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