things to forget and things to remember

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Hello, my blog reading freinds. I have returned, do not be afraid. Yeah. I have my internet now, and Ihave to say its been nice to not even have the temptation around. I do have my vices, but when they’re gone I find I’m not missing them quite so much. This photo is from Thursday after the movers did their duty. Our house is so new and sparkly that bringing our rag-tag furniture into it is kinda odd. But this I must remember: this house is the gift of all gifts. I think it’s up there in the top 5 with my husband and my two kids. It’s up there. We do not deserve this house, God gave it to us. Now, I have to believe that other great things will come. Don’t get me wrong, we’ll pay for it. Big time. But ever so often you just sit back and marvel at how good our Heavenly Father is.
Since I am human, I immediately compare my stuff to other peoples stuff. I’m embarrassed that I don’t have have have. But then I am reminded of what I have been given. I have been given fertile ground to grow. I’ve been given a home that is envied by many who love good real estate. I can sit on my upstairs porch and dream of the conversations and laughter that will go on there. I am humbled as I open box after box. I hate stuff and I have a lot of it. I also love to purge and have filled 3 boxes with things to sell (hopefully). I haven’t touched my arts and crafts boxes though and I’m sure I’ll unload that stuff too. Maybe a fun blog give away in the future? I do have many many beads that I really want to get rid of. I can’t just give them away and I hate pricing them. Maybe a swap is in order?
These new walls intimidate me. I cannot keep this shiny home this way. I will bop the walls with boxes and shoes. I will find chocolately fingerprints all the way up the stairs. I will step on sticky places and bits of cheese on my floors. It’s my house, and I have not become super-cleaning-freak, nor will I ever be. So I feel like the house has been humbled too. It’s gone from a prime jewel of real estate to a nest that will receive bits and shreds of a home all over it. It will become less echo-ee to the voices that it hears so often. Maybe it’s become more valuable now because it’s our home.
The kids love it here. Not a wimper of fear since we’ve lived here and for that I am glad. They had so much trouble going back a forth a couple times from Marietta. Josiah especially. This is home now, they know it.
We’ll have to earn the need for new window treatments and new bits of furniture. I have my eyes on some projects to make current furniture look better. But even so, my hand-me-downs and bargain basement furniture works and it’s making us feel more like ourselves. I don’t know much about how to make my house look awesome, and even though that hurts a little, I really don’t care. I care about what God will do inside these walls and inside our neighborhood. I hope and pray that I become more like who God made me to be and not feel that pull to be “cooler” now that I’m in this new neighborhood. That sounds dumb, but it’s there. Thanks for all your encouragement and I’m sure I’ll have alot of you over sometime.


2 thoughts on “things to forget and things to remember

  1. Katers… you’ll always be cool to me… not b/c of what’s in your house or your car, but b/c I am impressed and inspired by the work of your hands and the love in your big heart!
    luv you and your little family…

  2. Yay for the new house!
    When Erik and I got married our loft looked like college students lived there. We had very little furniture and all of it was bad quality. For years I was paid well as a nanny and had no living expenses. Recently when I was bemoaning our slow process of getting what we need for our house I said, “What is wrong with me, why didn’t I buy some furniture with all that money?!” My husband reminded me that I’ve always lived with people I wouldn’t have had anywhere to put it. “Oh yeah, I forgot about that.”
    You have no idea how badly I wish I could go back in time and talk to myself. I would say – “Save You Money, Pleeeeease!”

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