Happy Photo Accident

may07 240.jpg
I love this picture, quite a happy accident. I wanted a quick shot of Eden in her new suit. Although you can’t see any of the fun brightness in this shot, it’s still a beautiful and eery (almost) kinda picture. I am thankful for my redheads, such a fun surprise. And it makes color accent pictures turn out so pretty. You can see Eden in full color on my flickr.
And thanks again and completely to our Lola for her present of a hammock that we have just now found a perfect home for.
may07 244.jpg


3 thoughts on “Happy Photo Accident

  1. Linda

    I love the photo of Eden! very cool. that deserves a blow up and a spot on the wall. we had fun times with ya’ll this weekend, despite sleep deprivation.

  2. yo katers… great pic, girl!!! I looove this shot of eden with that fire red hair… wow!
    I also just discovered a little tiny blue and green swimsuit that looks remarkable like Eden’s out in our sunroom…. hmmmm. perhaps you can take a day off and come to the pool with us (and reunite with the lost suit)???? yes, I’m holding it for ransom, so we can go play together!!!!

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