Quiet Days

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Its 3pm and I’m finally sitting down to my lunch. A blur of builders and plumbers came to and fro through my house today solving new and old problems and making Josiah oh-so fascinated by what was happening. I mean, have a said how thankful I am for this house? Yes, I know I have. I am, I’m so thankful. Even though it’s 3pm I had to sit on my porch upstairs just for a little while. The quantity of builders has wound down for today and my neighbors, although they are very nice, are gone and I feel more privacy. I finally have given Josiah a hair cut and finally retrieved my soaker hose from the crawl space so my new chopping “lawn” can have a drink. Seems my neighbors are 4 steps ahead in that department. I tip toe through my bedroom where Eden is napping and see her eyes pop open, “Go back to sleep baby” I say and she turns her head and closes her eyes. Yes. Finally I feel the normalcy take hold. No time to be lazy though, I have much left to do. I have blinds in install, so….many…..blinds. We have small group here on Tuesday and I’d love to get those blinds up (the ones we can afford) by then. It is great knowing that small group can be here. It’s awesome that Cat can stop by whenever she has a moment to burn and Chris and Tara can end their evening with us brainstorming and laughing.
Then there is the fall staring me down as each day goes by. I must prepare for teaching. What a mind job!! There are assignments to do and books to read. There’s planning and organizing that I know I can do, but I’m afraid I won’t give myself the time.
I have so many options in front of me to be a part of the art world. One thing I’ve commited to is an art auction for breast cancer research at the Youngblood Gallery. The name is Pink! and it’s organized by Travis who I got connected with via flickr. What a wonderful place! It’ll work out nicely to go down to ATL and visit the fam (back from Manilla!) and drop off art, go to IKEA (for the home) and Trader Joe’s (for the belly).
And after an unsucessful trip to the thrift store for a basket for shoes and clothes, I did find five, yes I said 5, skirts for summer! Whee! The weather is so wonderful now seeing as it hasn’t rained it forever. But when that humidity hits I will have something nice to brave the heat.
I wish you all some nice quiet and bliss brought on by the time of year and the colors you surround yourself with.


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