Join with the creatures

june 07 014.jpg
Remember these guys! It’s Brownie and Cookie! I have been putting some layers on them and Cookie’s fuzzy face still needs some work. But I love sitting in the space in between my couch and my dining table where I have an easel and a table so I can be with my family and paint too. I did already splat the floor with paint yesterday. Thank goodness for acrylics, water and lots of papertowels!
june 07 016.jpg
Working on a few pinky pods for the Pink! show in ATL. Can’t wait to see what the butterfly wings turn into!

june 07 019.jpg
I also have a portrait to do, I hafta get the right size canvas for it, but Luke’s face is up there on my to-do’s.


2 thoughts on “Join with the creatures

  1. Ka Lo

    Hi this is Kalo. Chinese girl who lives in London. I was just randomly searching for nudes
    paintings online and I found your site. I am so inspired by your strong passion in art. And I am glad to see someone still painting while carrying a baby! Thats very amazing. It will be great if I can meet u in real life! Keep up the spirit and I think you are a great artist!

  2. Jennifer

    No hurry on Luke… I am just excited about seeing it. After you get through with Luke, I will send you another picture that I would like to commission you to do for a Christmas present for my dad… so looooong way off. You are the best!! I love Garden Blessings in my living room… I have had so many compliments on it as well. Thanks.

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