Herding Cats

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I haven’t written much these past few days about what is going on. Well, pretty much Summer is what’s going on. We’re playing in water, on playgrounds, taking walks, staying outside with friends until it’s dark. Good stuff. I’m tired. We had the LaRose twins visit us last week to give Sember a break, pray for her back, she’s been in pain.
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But those 4 hours that we had with Elisha and Kaden were the 4 hours that Josiah was not testing me. In fact, it was amazing to take 3 four year olds and my little Eden, pile in the Prev, park across the street and up the hill from Collidge Park, splash and be splashed, eat and come home. Then we chilled out eating popsicles and played on our playground. But the highlight hd to be driving there and having all the kids sing along with me to “John the Rabbit” and “Shoo Fly”. I mean, it was beautiful. I felt like the happiest busdriver. I actually was thinking,”I wish the whole world could sit here and hear this, this is something not to be missed!” It made my day.
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Mothering has felt kinda hard lately. Josiah and Eden play together now and it’s really cute and it makes me happy, but unfortunately it doesn’t last very long. Josiah has entered the world of guns and swords and aliens and battleships. He wants to play all these things with Eden. Of course, she’s a little girl who wants to cuddle her Curious George and color and push her shopping cart. They do both like to roar like lions, so if I can get them both to roar they have a ball! That doesn’t help much when I’m on the phone. I just can’t imagine taking care of more than 2. I just feel exhausted! I started taking a multivitamin again I was wondering if I wasn’t getting enough iron. I need to farm my kids out because I have so much to do!! I could be making money making art but all I want to do after cleaning up after the day is crash & veg. I also need to complete last semesters grades so I can get going on this year!
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Josiah took this picture, that’s probably why she’s screaming so much.
Complaining is so silly though. Life is so rich these days. Interaction I never had I get everyday. Exciting prospects. Friends that are new and I have a new bravery to just ask them, just ASK if they can hangout sometime. I have a drive to build more and more foundations. I desire to be enriched. And that means that I get tired. I haven’t been taking very good care of myself, too many BBQ’s and beer. So with more water, fresh veggies and sleep, less comfort food, alcohol and other nonsense, I think I’ll perk up. I really do need to get to the doctor. So do the kids. Now that we have killer healthcare.
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This past weekend I drove to Atlanta since Joel went camping and I just had to do something special myself. So yes, I drove to IKEA did all my shopping, ate meatballs, and then we went to meet Travis to drop off art. Josiah was beside himself the whole time I did the exchange with Travis. So ridiculous. I tried to keep my cool, I knew Josiah just wanted to be asleep. But hopefully my two birds and my morphing butterfly piece get bid on alot and I get to help the cause and make some money! Those of you in the ATL stop by the Young Blood! Bid on a birdie!


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  1. I saw you marching up the hill back to your van on Forest last week with all kids in tow and I almost yelled out to you that I was so impressed but thought you’d think I was a crazy loon. Sounds like a fun filled summer so far. Maybe a few days of rain will lend to some lazy moments of just gazing out the window. (Is that even realistic?!?!)

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