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We had a neighborhood meeting yesterday to talk about the park that we face everyday. It was pretty cool to hear everyone’s desires and to actually have some of the “old” neighborhood represented. Part of me feels uneasy as we live in new development that all the life-long residents will get relocated. I guess that I have a security blanket of having many different people groups and cultures surrounding me. It makes me feel less of a magnifying glass on my little life/personality. I’m glad that there are people different than me to learn from, take interest in and give me jewels of knowledge of how diverse even the South Eastern US can be. The conversation in our Community House (isn’t that awesome that we have a Community House? I mean, I have a copier, lawn mower, and fax ready for me!) buzzed with ideas Here’s just a few: Use the drain swale as an enviroment for a wet habitat for flowers etc. Reduce the big soccer field into a smaller one to encourage neighborhood games but not league play. An ampitheatre, with screen for movies (that’s Joel y’all), a fire pit, outdoor water supply, Wi-Fi, a new pavillion, meandering path with misting stations, a splash pad. I mean I could go on we had so many ideas. All I know is that I was in attendance to meet more of my neighbors and hear with my own ears that we will be getting a new playground. Yeah!! Also since Jefferson Heights is a “green” neighborhood it won an award this year for it’s “green standards”. I’ll hafta look up exactly which one. Because we won though, we’re getting at least 3 new trees added to our park. And in the meantime, we thought it would be nice to have some man-made shade screens installed so those of us parents wouldn’t bake while the kids play. I just can visualize how beautiful these things could be. Little delicate sails that encircle a bench, echoing the shape of an ampitheatre. A interactive sculpture, a path that winds around with wild flowers, lillypads, and (someday) green grass.
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The bummer is that it is not in the city plans as of yet. Lyndherst (old Coca-Cola money)has promised money but we were told it’s not much money. But both Jeff Cannon and Sarah Morgan were encouraging that our ideas would help the park get into motion. My poor husband had his bubble popped big-time as he though that they plans were the only things holding this park back. I think the fact that the homes are selling so quickly is a sign to the city that the park will increase the motivation of folks to want to pre-own the land before the next phases of condos and townhouses go up.
And for icing to our neighborhood meeting we had some of our fellow neighbors over for dinner. Daniel and Brooke, and Emeris and Sandy. We had some good laughs getting to know each other and thanking God for our gift of a bonding neighborhood. It’s pretty exciting to be part of something that has so much potential, and it’s new to me, even though Chattanoooga is so much my hometown. I have a new stomping ground and I feel overly blessed, abundantly blessed to be here. What an amazing gift. I just can’t shut up about it, go ahead, tell me to shut up if I need to.


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  1. Sounds great! Someday we’ll be neighbors again-when and where I don’t know.
    As a side note- if you want the neighborhood to stay ‘green’ then don’t go with WiFi. There is growing evidence that all of the wireless signals are killing the bees and causing Colony Collapse Disorder CCD. This means flowers and plants are not getting fertilized-not a good thing. Maybe an alternative like fiber optics is feasible. Anyways, I know Joel is going to question that (and rightly so)-but there it is.

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